Corporate Incentives

On-Site Spa Visits & Corporate Spa Parties


If you would like to reward your employees for a job well done or perhaps celebrate a special occasion, Eccotique Spa can be your unique way of saying thank you or you are appreciated!! Booked on an hourly basis, these on-site visits include spa technicians coming to your company and providing mini spa services such as stress relieving treatments, hand massages and polish applications to your employees or your business associates. We work with YOU to create the perfect spa treatments your staff will truly appreciate. To book your on-site visit or for more information, please contact

From The Wired Woman Event at Eccotique Spa

“Wired Woman is a not-for-profit association that supports women in technology through networking, mentoring and education. Wired Woman is run by a fantastic group of volunteers. Eccotique Spa was the perfect location to have a Volunteer Appreciation Night. Eccotique staff went out of their way to make sure that every detail of the event was planned out and stress free and all of the volunteers felt very pampered by the wonderful service providers at Eccotique. It was a fun way to spend an evening and make a special group of women feel appreciated. Thank you Eccotique!”

Marnie Larson, Wired Woman, Vancouver Chapter President


Thank you for a lovely evening. Eccotique staff are always so warm and helpful! The makeup tips/applications were a big hit and of course, the stress relief therapies, and hand massages / manicures as well. But most of all, we chatted easily in your intimate, relaxed atmosphere – which was our main purpose for the evening. We wanted to show appreciation to our marvelous mentors for their hard work and dedication to Wired Woman’s Mentorship Program, but we also wanted to offer an opportunity to network. Bar and restaurant environments are often too loud and awkward for making genuine connections – Eccotique’s environment was perfect!

Nancy Nesbitt, Wired Woman, Mentorship Manager


Thanks for organizing last night. It was a lot of fun, and I really enjoyed meeting the other mentors. I was also very impressed by the professionalism the Eccotique staff displayed and am happy to have FINALLY entered the world of lipsticks!

Mojgan, Wired Woman, Mentor