Mark Banicevic – Founder and Chairman of the Board

Mark Banicevic has been a licensed cosmetologist since 1971. He founded The Megahair Family in 1984 and is now the Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Mark created a business philosophy that combines the development and delivery of art with genuine customer service. His vision is to care for people with a balance of compassion and creativity while offering his staff and guests alike an inner peace and confidence. Mark is a dynamic leader and his passion and dedication to the salon industry is second to none. He truly loves everything that is cosmetology and demonstrates this love through his commitment, desire, pride and honor for the people he serves everyday. His appointment to the CIABC board allows him to give back to the industry to which he feels he owes his life. He tips his hat off to the wonderful leadership of the Cosmetology Association and feels truly blessed to be a part of such a ground breaking time in our industry.

In the words of Mark Banicevic, “Cosmetology is a truly magical career that keeps giving back in many different ways”. He believes that today’s world needs us more than ever before. “I find language quite limiting in capturing the entire positive force that our Cosmetology Industry puts forth… We have only just begun!”




Milajne Soligo – President

Milajne Soligo is the President of The Megahair Family and the creator of the Eccotique Spas & Salons concept. Milajne, the youngest President in the spa and salon industry is passionate about the beauty business, developing people and caring for the environment. Being the owner’s daughter didn’t preclude Milajne from starting at the bottom and working her way up. Milajne started out shampooing hair at Megahair’s Cut Stop Station Square in 1988 and worked her way into every position since. It was then that she committed herself to contribute to her family’s business with energy, dedication, enthusiasm and a willingness to learn.

Milajne predicted the growth in the popularity of spa services among the general public and launched Eccotique Spa in Metrotown in 1996 at the early age of 22. After 5 year of operating, managing and growing the Spa brand , her father approached her to become the President of The Megahair Family. She accepted this responsibility in 2007 and began the task of aggressively growing the company and expanding its reach. Milajne took over as President when each of the company’s 11 locations at that time was under a separate name. From those locations she created the 3 most prominent and recognizable spa and salon brands in British Columbia.

Some staff from her beginnings are still a part of her corporate team today and now leading their own brands within The Megahair Family. Everyone who works with The Megahair Family states that it is truly like working with your family. In today’s day and age those comments only solidify her true capability as a leader.