Unique Differences

Service Commitment 

Our commitment to service is unparalleled. We continuously strive to set the standard in the beauty industry for the qualified professionals we employ.

All of our highly trained service professionals have received extensive training that will enable them to give our guests the ultimate experience. We regularly ensure that our team of service providers meets the requirements to always give the best care to our guests and reach the level of expectation that has given us the reputation of an “Industry Leader”.

All of our Service Providers follow and practice Health Canada Regulations for sterilization and sanitation. We are regularly inspected by local authorities and continue to exceed all set guidelines for sterilization and sanitation.

Giving Back

The Megahair Family’s Philosophy has always remained simple and true, “Beauty from the inside out”. Our Company regularly participates in events around Metro Vancouver. This enables us to give back to the community and to those unable to treat themselves to the many luxuries we sometimes take for granted. Our most accomplished event is Daymaker Day. This one day event started in 2002. We embarked upon a day that offers much needed care and attention to families and children with illness. We offer much needed hair cuts, hand and chair massage, polish applications, face painting and often lend a caring ear to listen to their concerns and make them smile. This inspirational day truly gives us that sense of “Beauty from the inside out” and is a day that we cherish the most.

I cannot say enough about how AMAZING your staff were yesterday! They were kept incredibly busy the whole time, especially those doing the haircuts who even stayed an hour late to make sure they got everyone. That was completely unexpected, and very much appreciated, and just goes to show how kind and generous these ladies are! What a wonderful team you have, they were so great with the kids, full of energy- I just cannot say enough.” Leah Dullum, Manager of Events for SOS Children’s Villiage BC

Ethical Pricing

This product label represents our everyday low prices! Ethical Pricing was the initiative of the Founder of the Megahair Family who felt it was important to show our guests that to maintain their services at home, professional home care was the key, at an affordable price for all. The Ethical Pricing philosophy means the company does not follow suggested retail prices and bases its selling prices solely on prices paid at the time of purchase. Prices are often up to 30% less than competing salons. Our smaller profit margin allows guests to enjoy larger savings

Hair Raising Deals

This label represents our smoking HOT deals as a limited time offer. Hair Raising Deals are intermittent special prices on our professional products with no specific time frame and are available while quantities last. Our Hair Raising Deals are carried out at all Zennkai and Megahair Salon locations.

Continued Education

Working with The Megahair Family means employees receive the BEST training program in the industry, and continuing educational opportunities each month designed to enhance their skill sets in all areas. What does that mean for our guests? We are on top of all the current trends and techniques, we KNOW our products, and we go the extra mile to ensure we provide the best services possible. Every time you visit us.